Network engineering

Network engineering

It is not a secret that the volume of processed data could be extremely large, that’s why a correct network infrastructure design and its further support are one of the most important tasks in company functioning. OpsWorks network specialists are architects who design and implement computer networks. Unlike network support administrators who perform day-to-day support maintenance, our network engineers focus on high-level design and planning. We are experts in providing high-quality network design and support for customers with divergent networks, small ISPs and hosting companies.
OpsWorks is a major network design service provider. Our network engineers have deep understanding not only of computer systems networking but also of their integration into other applications and interrelationship between each other.

Network design

Cloud network implementation

Remote network support

Remote Network Design and Support Services

We provide full complex of company network design and support. We also can organize for you a high-quality network infrastructure design and management, remote network support and remote NOC services. OpsWorks’ network engineers select the appropriate data communications components and configure them to meet user and corporate needs to make your business more and more efficient day after day. We build the construction of a reliable and high-performing network integrating LAN, WAN, Internet, and intranet components entail network modeling and analysis.

A bachelor’s degree in network administration, computer science, or information technology is the standard qualification for a network engineering position. In addition, IT certification in networking offers targeted training for a network computer engineer. Examples include the Microsoft Network Engineer and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certifications. All our engineers are CCNA/CCNP associated/certified. A number of successful projects confirm our network engineers’ professionalism and their ability to work with a medium-sized network using the last IT technologies. Our network engineers are also highly qualified in secure network design.

OpsWorks is a Cisco solution partner

Beeing a Cisco solution partner puts Opsworks in one row with leading companies that provide a network engineering services. In a working process we follow a mix of Scrum, XP and Kanban methodologies that give us the best of both iterative and incremental approaches. Communication, collaboration, and transparency are the backbone for each of our projects.

OpsWorks high-quality network support provide increasingly complex networks of global organizations as well as express business strategies in the infrastructure requirements effectively. Cooperating with us you get versatile, reliable and professional company network engineering services at all stages of your business development.

Benefits of Cooperating with Us and Using Our Network Design and Support Services
  A reliable network that guarantees connectivity and availability is crucial for any size organization. That’s why OpsWorks offers proven network design and implementation services. Consider following benefits:
  • Our specialists have more than 10 years’ experience in IT and computer network design and support services.
  • Planning your network, we study technical details of its capability, estimate and forecast how it will operate. This is a groundwork for developing a system that supports mobility, virtualization and the cloud.
  • We design networks with maximum uptime. This makes resources easy accessible for IT users and increases organizations’ productivity.
  Using OpsWorks’s network design and support, your network resources will always be available that will drive your business results.