Microservices design

Microservices design

Microservices Design and Deployment

Our professional team provides the complete microservices lifecycle design and implementation, including further DevOps consultancy for your business. This is a painstaking daily work. Cooperating with us, you can be sure that you will get the extremely adaptive and seamless architecture of your production system right from the scratch. We understand and consider DevOps philosophy as a single entity, and do our best to provide you the high-quality product.

Monolith applications refactoring




Gateway API implementation


Microservices architecture

We don’t create universal solutions. Instead, we apply a self-developed strategy that is based on a standardized CMMI principles and DevOps approach. OpsWorks mostly concentrates on microservices architecture, its design, implementation, and your consultancy in a future. This methodology could provide more stability and control to your business infrastructure during the complex systems development – it is simply priceless! It allows you to avoid the emergency, deadlines and regular blockages at the most inopportune moment almost completely.