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We don’t create universal solutions. Instead, we apply a self-developed strategy that is based on a standardized CMMI principles and DevOps approach. Our professional team provides the complete microservices lifecycle design and implementation, including further DevOps consultancy for your business.

About OpsWorks

We Are Inspired By Best DevOps Practices And Agile Development That Makes Us Professionals In This Areas.

Drive your IT to an enterprise level

DevOps is an assemblage of technologies which help organizations in building development and operations team in order to better code quality, integrate continuously and deliver faster. It is a key part of enterprise IT planning to stay relevant in the marketplace.

DevOps automates and regularizes the processes for infrastructure deployment that gives enterprises quick innovations, better operational efficiency, improved deployment quality and therefore, more possibilities to achieve great business goals.

Our Services

DevOps Integration

Continuousintegration & Continuousdelivery, DevSecOps, Infrastructure as a code

Cloud Consultancy

Cloud design, Cloud migration, Openstack cloud implementation

Microservices design

Cloud design, Cloud migration, Openstack cloud implementation

System Administration

Monolith applications refactoring, Containerization, Gateway API implementation

Network engineering

Network design, Cloud network implementation, Remote network support

Managed Hosting

Bare metal servers, VPS, 24/7 technical support, Backups

From cloud setup to big data solution

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